The Simmer Behind the “Bumnuggetry”: xXAngelicEvilXx discovers who is really behind “The Mare’s Nest”

If you’ve been redirected here by my signature on the officials, it’s because I don’t want to link directly to the story for a variety of reasonsxXAngelicEvilXx has uncovered who is really behind The Mare’s Nest. You can read all about it here.

Gotcha’ now, “Minty” (WaffenThinMint

As AngelicEvil is closing down her site gradually, she has already removed DISQUS from her site which means there are no comments. If you wish to discuss it, you can do so here and I will tell her if anyone happens to post a comment.

ETA 17:19 GMT 23/6/12:                                                                                                                 TMN/WTM’s “explanation” is complete rubbish. They didn’t account for any of the IP evidence AE has on her site, such as the fact that WTM’s IP has been marked as “The Mare’s Nest” for a while on AE’s site because it came from the WordPress admin page of The Mare’s Nest. And what about the fact that WTM’s account and TMN’s account on Sims Forums were both started from the same IP?

Oh look, one of TMN writers is on holiday. How conveniently timed! More like WTM quit (or wants people to think he’s quit) because he knows that he’s been found out.

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6 Responses to The Simmer Behind the “Bumnuggetry”: xXAngelicEvilXx discovers who is really behind “The Mare’s Nest”

  1. Pepperbutt says:

    sir butthead has spoken!

  2. jenssims says:

    completely agree. It couldn’t be more obvious that TMN’s explanation was b.s. Anyone with half a brain should be able to see right through that…. XD

  3. Katlyn2525 says:

    TMN’s is the National Enquirer of the Sims 3 game. Nothing more. Gossip is not fact. TMN’s thrives on rumors and scandal. Their explanation is nonsense as well. They are merely trying to cover their backside.

  4. Cyron says:

    So TMN is using WTM as a scape goat now. That’s plain disgustng! And what about the overall public slander they’re doing? No word about that – of course not! >:-(

  5. Vivid (AE) says:

    Yeah, or I can answer any questions here.

    Right now, I’m in contact with Clicky, my IP tracker provider, who has told me that the data I lost before site migration should still be in their database, since they host that information, not Joomla. Therefore, I’d be able to tell whether TMN is lying about Waffen joining the ranks “recently.” I’d also be able to identify the IPs of any of the other TMN members, since there were at least two that were referred from the TMN WordPress Admin page.

    I want this mess cleared up as best as I can clear it before my site goes down. I don’t care for there being any “holes” in my story (which there are minimal, but a couple of pieces of it are only circumstantial, not positive), so hopefully I’ll get that information soon, if it’s able to be retrieved. If not, I guess people will have to just “take my word for it,” which is completely up to them. I, however, am relieved that I’ll be able to put this mess behind me and focus on what’s truly important.

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