Sometimes, other’s ignorance can make you do things you told yourself you’d never do

I told myself when I started this blog that, no matter how ignorant they are and no mater how much they lie or twist a story, I would never quote The Mare’s Nest or mention one of their posts on this blog, and I’ve mostly stuck to that rule (with the exception of when they attempted to cover up xXAngelicEvilXx revealing the true identity of one of their writers). But today, I break it.

So, let’s start, shall we?

If not, he appears to have fallen foul of the Simmering Sims scum on the EA forum (Jarsie9, Pepperbutt, Callum9432, Faith12368, TtnFn04, etc) who object to any troll that’s not affiliated to their trolling guild (‘members must attack the same thread as other members and remember to report anyone daring to disagree with us to EA’s Customer Service with a completely fabricated complaint so they believe us and not our victim by weight of numbers so long as no one else reports us first.’) – so he won’t be lasting anyway.

Three things I’d like to mention about this paragraph:

Firstly, since about a week before said quote was posted, Faith and I (along with several others) are no longer a part of Simmering Sims for a variety of reasons, which I refuse to mention out of respect for certain others.

Secondly, TtnFn04 is not, and never has been, a part of Simmering Sims… which kinda destroys your theory straight away, doesn’t it?

Thirdly… where exactly are you getting your information about him “falling foul” of the Simmering Sims group? Because the biggest mention of him I saw on that site was a few posts in the chatbox.

… like BluebellFlora, you end up the one with the TOS violation warning being sent out to you from EA Customer Services because TtnFn04 and the rest of her mates from Simmering Sims are reporting you for kicks.

I repeat, TtnFn04 is not and never has been a part of Simmering Sims (which I will, from now on, refer to as SS because it’s easier).

And, again, I ask where you got this information? I don’t believe there was even a mention of the Mac thread on SS. In fact, I don’t think a member of SS even posted in that thread, as you were simply going on the basis that TtnFn04 is a member.

And finally…

Of course, it is also noticeable a certain load of scum went very quiet last night, doubtless fearing that the now forewarned and forearmed Mac members of the EA forum would be waiting to give them a taste of their own medicine. That doesn’t mean that they weren’t lurking around ‘monitoring’ BluebellFlora’s posts looking for something new to report her on (along with Stormwench, their new bullying target after their last attempt to bait her backfired badly), judging by past antics.

Umm… may I ask how exactly you noticed the SS group going quiet last night? I don’t think there is any member of that forum that posts regularly on the officials anymore as they’ve all mostly given up on them.

And what exactly would we have against BluebellFlora? The person who helped to out a major troll? The person whom Pepperbutt and I once “defended” (for want of a better term) from another troll? Who I can honestly say I’ve never seen being “unkind” to someone unless there is a “reason”?

Llama crap. All of it. I’ll tell you what’s going on here. You’re, once again, twisting a story around, taking out of context. I have no idea where this “Simmering Sims’ members report people they don’t like” nonsense even came from. All I see here is your next attempt to stretch the story out even more and twist things about so that we look like the reason for everything wrong on the officials, the latest thing being Customer Service’s incompetence.

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