Series of LN and ST (and possibly Amb.) lots for Sunlit Tides – Part 1: Cliffside Retreat

I’m working on a series of LN and ST (Showtime) lots for Sunlit Tides… and I may make ambitions lots too. So far, all I have is the “Big Park” ST venue:
Cliffside Retreat

With stunning views over the cliff and a large stage, the Cliffside Retreat is perfect for all your talented Sims! – By Callum9432. NO thrid party CC. Designed to be placed on “The Cliff” in Sunlit Tides. NOTE: I had to move the two spawners on this lot so you may find that they duplicate when placing it. Part of a series of Late Night and Showtime lots for Sunlit Tides. I also plan to update this lot in November (2012) for Seasons festivals.

Download from Exchange here

Download from Simomania here

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