Series of extra lots for Sunlit Tides – Part 4: Luxury Lagoon Modern Casino

After failing to make a Big Show Venue that fits the island theme, I decided to take a break from the ST lots and make a Casino. It has a similar design to the Lucky Simoleon Casino, but i designed to fit in more with the island theme from the outside. The inside is very modern 😛

Luxury Lagoon Modern Casino

The Luxury Lagoon Modern Casino is perfect for all your lucky Sims and has a futuristic themed performance area for all your Showtime Sims! – by Callum9432 NO third party CC. Store content is recommended but not required, although it is a bit pointless without the casino items 😉 😛 Designed to be placed on “6 Castaway Cove” in Sunlit Tides. Part of a series of extra lots for Sunlit Tides 


Download from the Exchange or Simomania

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