Series of extra lots for Sunlit Tides – Parts 6: Modern Islander’s Club

Part 6 in my series of lots for Sunlit Tides.

Modern Islander’s Club

The Modern Islander’s Club has something for everyone; karaoke, juice, a DJ booth and dance floor and a performance stage. Modern Islanders only! – By Callum9432. NO third party CC. Designed to be placed on “26 Paradise Circle” in Sunlit Tides (zoned as a Live Show Venue). Part of a series of lots for Sunlit Tides.

Download from The Exchange

Or Simomania

A little teaser of what’s to come 😛

This lot was supposed to upload yesterday, but it hasn’t apeared yet. So it should be in the next batch 🙂

Island Fire Department

And finally, a bit of info on my next project.

With just 19 days to go until Seasons (in the UK), I’m gonna start preparing for that too. And the more I see of Seasons, the more suitable Sunset Valley seems for it. So, alongside my Sunlit Tides lots, I’m gonna start making Amb/LN/ST lots for Sunset Valley as well.
I won’t be abandoning my Sunlit Tides lots, so if you’re only really interested in those, don’t worry 🙂

Yes, that is straight from my Page. I’m too lazy to write it out again 😛

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