Tutorial: Seasonal Lot Marker

So, as I’m sure most of you will be aware, patch 1.42 was released yesterday. And one of the many features it added pre-Seasons, is the Seasonal Lot Marker.

I threw together a quick lot with the blueprint mode to try out the marker. It was a little confusing at first, but pretty simple once you know what you’re doing 😛 I need something to keep my mind of Seasons PEPS, so I thought I’d write up a little tutorial on it 😛

First things first, open Buydebug. To do this, open the cheat window (ctrl + shift + C), and type “testingcheatsenabled true” (without quotes), then hit enter. Open up the cheat window again and type “buydebug” and hit enter again. A question mark button will be added to the top of your Buy Mode catalog.

Open this menu, go to “Misc” and scroll until you find the “Seasonal Lot Marker”. Now place this on your lot.

By default, it will have set the Season to “Common”. As far as I can tell (this canot be fully tested until Seasons is out), those are objects that are there all year round. So make sure you place any permanent objects now.

Once you have done this, hold down ctrl + shift and click on the marker, then choose “Lock common objects in place”

Now we’re going to place objects for each Season. We’ll start with Spring.

Click on “Set season…” and choose “Spring”

Your “Common” objects will now fade.

(NOTE: I simply deduced this with some experimentation, so it may be wrong. I can not be 100% sure on whether those objects will appear all year round until Seasons has actually been released, and I can test it fully.)

Now just place your Spring objects like you would with any others. Do not click on any of the faded objects or they will become “Spring only”

These Sims will be wanting to spend some time outside now that Winter is over, but it’s not quite sunny enough yet for a parasol 😛

Changing to Summer is exactly the same as changing to Spring, but you will notice any “Spring” objects you placed will now disappear. If you wish to have these back in Summer, just place them again in the same spot 🙂

Now that Summer has rolled in, those Sims’ll be wanting some BBQs outdoors, but they’ll need a parasol to keep from getting burnt!

Now change the Season to Autumn (Fall). Once again, the objects from your last layer, Summer, will disappear.

They’ll want to bring that BBQ and parasol back in now that Fall has come upon them!

Finally, change to Winter and select your Winter objects.

Too cold for eating outside now, so they’ll want to bring that table in before the weather ruins it!

Once Seasons comes along, you should see your lot transform with each season.

Remember that I only used a basic outdoor table set and BBQ. Anything in the Buy mode category can be used!

To disable the cheats and hide the lot marker again, bring up the cheat window and enter “buydebug off”, then “testingcheatsenabled false”.

Well, that’s my PEPS calmed down for a little while. Hope you enjoy creating those constantly changing lots! 🙂


The lot from this Tutorial is now uploaded here 🙂

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One Response to Tutorial: Seasonal Lot Marker

  1. Great Tutorial, Callum. 🙂
    I think your assumptions are correct as this fulfills the complete logic of a state pattern which the developers most likely used for this.

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