Updating Sunset Valley for Seasons, Parts 3 & 4

Thought I’d start this showcase post a little differently, and thank everyone for continuing to rec my creations on the Exchange! 😀

I had a hard time deciding whether to continue with the spa/salon idea for this first lot, or make it a house. I went for the spa/salon, in the end 😛

Sunset Spa and Salon

Want a refreshing massage? Some time in a sauna? A complete makover? You’ve come to the right place! the Sunset Spa and Salon has 4 saunas, and facilities for a massage, makovers and getting a tattoo. It’s perfect for everyone! – By Callum9432. NO third party CC. Store content recommended, but not required. Best fit on “365 Oak Grove Road” in Sunset Valley – I made it to blend in with the surrounding lots 😛 Part of a series of lots for Sunset Valley 🙂




And…. 😛

Pinochle Junkyard

I went for a more modern them for this, simply because I didn’t want to spoil the nice “Pinochle Point” street… or the views as the description suggests 😛

Where better for Sunset Valliens to dump their trash than right in front of the beautiful mountains? Hey, trash needs a good view too! ~ By Callum9432 😛 NO third party CC. Best fit on “2200 Pinochle Point” in Sunset Valley. Part of a series of lots for Sunset Valley.

Download from:



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