LOL! They finally did it!

I know I said the last would be the last but I’ve been begging them (silently 😛 ) to do it, and they finally did. They finally called someone involved in the Simmering Sims BS “evil“. LOL.

Flashing LOL Smiley waving a LOL flag Rolling laughter

Yes, we’re all so evil. Criminals tremble with fear at the mention of our names. All the law enforcement personnel of the world couldn’t even stop us and our plot to take over the entire Sims community! Mwahahahaha!

Excuse me 😆

Joking aside, how pathetic. Really. The people of Gift Gathering are realising that Faith really is a nice, good person, and they’re forgiving her and moving on, and you (TMN) don’t like that. You’ve got to try and make things harder for her, stepping all over the hard work she had to put in to earn back the trust. And you call me a s**t-stirrer? I would say now that I feel sorry for you, but I already do. Why? Because you have to make your own blog and anonymously bully and flame people to make yourself’s feel “popular”. How sad.

But, hey, I know who you are. No, I’m not talking about WTM, I’m talking about another person – a regular on the officials. The only reason I’m not saying it all now is because my evidence isn’t exactly “conviction-solid”. But I still have evidence.

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3 Responses to LOL! They finally did it!

  1. TanyaRubirose says:

    The sad part is, they lied about what the flash mobs are for, painted the flash mobbers and everyone doing good on GG as people who sell loyalty for gifts, and insulted everyone involved in what is inarguably one of the community’s biggest projects in making the officials a nicer place.

    And they missed the fact I was involved in it, despite the fact my name is listed as a participant on the front page. For trying to paint it in a bad light, they certainly failed to do any basic research or even look at the participants list.

  2. Katlyn2525 says:

    I see the ever pompous TMN is trying to evoke our emotions and reactions with a rehash of their unwarranted false accusations. Pay them no mind. They are only the National Enquirer of the Sims game. Nothing more. This time they went after Faith, and the Flash Mob, trying to twist the good intentions of the people in GG, and sully their participation. What sad creatures they are.

  3. Wittylady says:

    It’s pathetic ! Also I was part of SS and can assure you in no way did Faith “bully” youngsters . She is a nice and kind person. I take a pretty dim view of these scathing blogs which give you no chance to defend your reputation. Just what are they afraid of ?? Still there are always some whose only way to gain notoriety is on the back of others, they obviously have no other skills with which to portray themselves favourably to the simming community

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