Crystal Springs Progress Update 30/11/12

Couple of days late… oops 😛

Okay, update…

I dunno if I said earlier that I wasn’t able to recreate the world from the recovered files, so I had to start again.

I decided to keep it going with the river/lake theme, but I’ve changed that a bit. The city no longer sits on the mouth of the river, it’s now just before it. The river starts up in the mountains at the back of the world, fills the lake, then flows through the world, pas a harbour/industrial area I added to the city (inspired by Bridgeport 😛 ), and then around a large meander of the map, where it would open into the sea if you could see past the world.

I also have most of the basic road system laid out, save for the suburban area. Note that the roads are probably very likely to change, except those on the island because I’ve already placed all of the lost there 😛

Enough words, some pictures (they are wide pics, click to see full size) 😛


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