*sigh* I wouldn’t normally make a post like this, but…

…not bringing this to people’s attention so that it can be reported wasn’t sitting right with me.


I noticed this morning a Gravatar profile with someone using CatLoverPlayer’s old SharkLoverPlayer avatar. I clicked on it and it took me to this little gem of a Gravatar profile:

Impersonating someone else with a 5 year old style insult... how mature and original

Impersonating someone else with a 5 year old style insult… how mature and original

Needless to say I reported it for “Impersonation”. I also linked them to CLP’s profile on the officials as proof this one is impersonating someone… not that I think it’ll do much good, they’ll probably come out with some kind of “we can’t do anything about issues that aren’t happening on our site” garbage, even though the troll is on their site.

But, hey, maybe they’ll do something if enough people report it – that’s why I’m posting this.


I did a bit of investigating – a quick Google search of “FatLoverPlayer” turned up a post on the officials, in the good old thread; “Catloverplayer: A million, pointless threads.“, the one where loads of Simmers of the community got together to defend CLP. The same thread where the OP admitted to starting a new account just so they could troll CLP.

But what about the exact post the Google search took me to?

Any guesses as to a suspect possibly behind the account? 😉


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3 Responses to *sigh* I wouldn’t normally make a post like this, but…

  1. fatloverplayer says:

    The Mare’s Nest is blaming you, just so you know.

    All of you bleeding heart bloggers getting butthurt about this are hypocrites. The Mare’s Nest bullies people all the time then claims to be “exposing bumnuggets (whatever that is)” so it’s justified. Well hey, I’m exposing a total creep who keeps posting his perverted fantasies about a real life person on the Sims message boards because I’m sick of them and many simmers on other message boards have expressed the same view but this is wrong because he’s “nice”? NEWSFLASH: a “nice” person can also be a pervert. Nuff said.

    • Callum9432 says:

      Yes, I do know.

      No, TMN aren’t justified. I think it’s awful what they do, and cowardly that they don’t allow comments.

      As for Cat, he never hurts anyone. He never says anything negative at all really. He just loves to play Sims, and loves talking about it. *He* is what we need *more* of on the official forums. That’s why people can’t stand pathetic trolls like you.

      Anyway, thanks for posting a comment here, now I have your IP and can prove that we are not the same person.

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