Updated Menu Bar

So, I’ve spent some time today finally making use of the Menu bar feature WordPress gives us. I now have 4 sections up there:

Home – Pretty self explanatory, this takes you to the homepage

About – I have two articles in here, one is an updated page about this blog, the other is an “About Me”… though I pretty much just copied that from the officials with some minor adjustments 😛

Categories – This is where the big change is. Instead of the categories archive I used to have in the sidebar, hovering over this now brings up my three categories in a drop down box. If you click the names of any category (except the Sims category, more on that later), it takes you to the archive for that category. If you just hover over that category, the 5 most recent posts in that category will appear in a drop down for you to choose from.

Th Sims category is slightly different – it is split into sub-categories. By hovering over it, you will get two options; Creations, or Sims. If you click Creations, you will get the Creations category archive. If you hover over it, you get another two subcategories; Lots and Sims. Clicking either of these takes you to the related archive, and hovering over shows the 5 latest posts in that category. If you click the Sims category, it will take you to the Sims category archive, and hovering over it shows the latest 5 posts as with the rest.

Other Sites – Again, instead of having these listed in the sidebar, I’ve now got a whole page devoted to them. There is also a little explanation and some “ground rules” for getting your own site listed there 🙂 Note: this section is not available yet, I’m just waiting on a response from someone before I make it available.  This section is now up!

I definitely think this makes it easier to browse the categories, and gives me more room for  other sites. If you have an comments, suggestions, feedback, etc, feel free to comment below.

Oh, and I hope I didn’t confuse you too much with my explanations of the Categories 😛 If I did, check it out for yourself 😉 😛

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