Didn’t want to have to mention “them” again but they’ve left me no choice

Well, actually, being more specific, it’s their sheeple that have left me no choice. I don’t give a Llama crap what they say about me – it’s the people that believe every single word of it that bother me.

Okay, so what am I talking about? The snot rag of course – The Mare’s Nest and their latest post. My followers will know that I recently tried to get some people to report the “FatLoverPlayer” profile  – the more reports, the faster it goes away, right?

No, because apparently I am the one behind the account that I tried to get banned.

Notice they said “who we suspect”? When do they ever say that? Hmm… let’s take a look at the British law on Defamation and libel.

What Is Defamation?

While it has no single definition, defamation involves making a statement which is likely to lower other people’s opinions of an individual or group of people. There are limitations on who can claim for defamation, because the statement has to be specific enough that it is likely to cause harm to their reputation; simple abuse does not count as being defamatory.

Defamation takes two forms – libel and slander. Slander is generally used to refer to defamation through speech, whereas libel involves a lasting publication of the defamatory comments.

Trying to cover your asses from libel laws because you know that you have no solid proof, and therefore accusing me outright could be considered libel?

I’m going to be honest here – I don’t know much about legal talk. It seems like a lot of mumbo-jumbo to me. But I am assured by a friend who does know our law that what you’ve done here, and many other times before, is a direct violation of Section 127 of the Communications Act, 2003

127 Improper use of public electronic communications network

(1) A person is guilty of an offence if he—

(a) sends by means of a public electronic communications network a message or other matter that is grossly offensive or of an indecent, obscene or menacing character; or

(b) causes any such message or matter to be so sent.

(2) A person is guilty of an offence if, for the purpose of causing annoyance, inconvenience or needless anxiety to another, he—

(a) sends by means of a public electronic communications network, a message that he knows to be false,

(b) causes such a message to be sent; or

(c) persistently makes use of a public electronic communications network.

Now, onto The Mare’s Nest themselves

recruiting on the way serial bullshitter (as Rflong7/13 knows) and bully of 13 year old girls, TanyaRubirose, no doubt feeling right at home with the other men pretending to be women on that site.

Saying I’m really a women… wow, what are you, 5?  Do you have any proof of that? Or are you just talking out of your you-know-whats, meaning that, once again, it comes under that quote of the law above?

Okay, okay, enough of that for now. I owe it to everyone to give an explanation, the real truth of what happened here.

Let’s look at Callum9432′s claim as to how he ‘discovered’ what was going on:

‘I noticed this morning a Gravatar profile with someone using CatLoverPlayer’s old SharkLoverPlayer avatar’

Wait, what?

He noticed right out of the blue the offending ‘Fatloverplayer’ Gravatar profile – one that had evaded the notice of the entire Sims community for weeks (except us) – only hours after The Mare’s Nest just happens to make a Private post protected by a password?!

What a remarkable coincidence – or perhaps someone with a guilty conscience panicking that the Private post concerned their own latest vicious little piece of trolling, and so was now trying to cover their own tracks.

Want to know the real reason I didn’t say how I found that FatLoverPlayer account? Because I had promised not to mention The Mare’s Nest on this site.

I follow TMN. That’s no secret. They tried to use it against me once, in fact, but completely ignored the fact in doing so that I had been following them for a lot longer… but enough on that, back to the point.

When I get emails through about TMN’s new posts, I tend to read the post in the email. I usually check my emails by phone, and that is easier than waiting for it to load in my phone’s browser.

But this particular email – the private post – made me check out their site. Why? Because it made me feel uneasy. I’ll be honest about that.

It was when I went into my browser to view this, that I decided to go back to the page before, and before, like I usually do when I happen to browse TMN for whatever reason. And that was when I noticed CLP’s old SharkLoverPlayer avatar had been liking posts, and I was horrified to see the gravatar profile.

The other curious matter is Callum9432 claiming ‘maybe they’ll [Gravatar] do something if enough people report it – that’s why I’m posting this.’

Wait? What?

Posting on a blog that has barely mustered 5000 hits in a year? Who the hell was ever going to see it?

More to the point, this is coming from the bumnugget that has milked every troll saga he could find over at the EA forum thrice before cockcrow? Why the coyness all of a sudden?

Unless of course the post was really for the benefit of two of those he thought were reading his blog – us – in the hope of throwing us off the scent (the irony is he was the last person we’d have suspected of this!) and the last thing he wanted was the whole business getting a more public airing (eg. the EA forum) from The Mare’s Nest, where an angry mob of Sharkloverplayer’s friends may have been more determined to get to the bottom of the lowlife behind it. After all, he should know from his time at Simmers Aware, the more people involved gathering information, the more chance of someone putting the pieces together…

Firstly, going through this in reverse order, you do realise that I was never a part of Simmers Aware? In fact, I didn’t even know who AE was until the Sesert stuff, having never spoken to her, read her blog, or seen her post on the officials before then.

Why would the post be for the benefit of the “two” of you? You’ve never mentioned my blog, or shown any sign you’ve ever read it (although I do now know that you do read it, thanks!), other than when you claimed it was only for me to get attention when I first started it… so why would I suddenly expect that to change? And if it’s true that I started this blog to get your attention, as you once claimed, why is it full of random posts about Sims or “nonsense“? Why do I use it to share my creations with my readers? Surely, if what you claimed were true, it would be full of the kind of posts you try to claim it is – attention whoring and trying to get myself mention on your site? Sure, I have a handful of those posts from when your ignorance has reached new levels – like this post – but 4 out of 53? Nah.

But, meh, I’m going to stop there about this blog. I honestly don’t care what you, or anyone else for that matter, thinks of this blog, and my reasons behind it.

And as for posting on a blog that’s “barely mustered 5000 hits” (actually, I’m over 6000 now)… actually, from the 29th of January until yesterday (11/2/13), my blog has had 436 hits – that’s an average of 31 per day. So if WordPress’ discipline system works how I suspect the Officials’ does (i.e a report counting bot), and everyone who viewed my blog that day reported that account, it could have been gone in a day or two. Even less time if their system is more manual than that.

Note that the amount of views are considerably higher than the average of 31 on each of the days that my post about FatLoverPlayer was up.

I also shared the story on my page for more people to report.

As for Maximillion, I had no idea they were banned. I remembered they’d been trolling Cat as well on that thread, so when I found their post through a Google Search where they actually said “FatLoverPlayer” I just thought they might have something to do with it, I didn’t actually check in to them.

I must also ask why, if the account were mine, would I have reported it. I mean, sure, I could still have done the whole asking other people to report thing if it were mine, but why would I report it myself if no one is going to know whether or not I did.

And the proof that I’ve reported it?


No report button on the profile. It’s the same on my laptop, where I’ve also reported it from.

Finally, before I move on from the stuff about CLP/FLP for now and continue with the other stuff in this post of yours I want to mention, I have to say this – you’re acting as though my posting about FLP is somehow related to your private post because it was posted the day after. Well it’s not, other than it being how I was on your site to find the FLP account. Your post was private, how the hell was I supposed to know it had anything to do with FatLoverPlayer? I actually suspected it to be something completely different.

Let’s move on to something else…

Callum9432 already has form as someone pretending to be wanting to stop trolls but all the while encouraging them

*cough* Wow, hypocrites much? Because, you know, calling out people you think are “trolls” publicly on your site, calling them “bumnuggets”, “attention whore’s”, etc isn’t egging them on at all, is it?

I’m not going to bother defending myself with the Sesert stuff. Or going over the Simmering Sims stuff again. I’ve had enough of that

Fury at what they’d been up to duly exploded on the targetted EA forum and elsewhere – not least of all because Callum9432 had only just been appointed the new keeper of the World Index on the CAW section of the EA forum (he promptly dumped it with a host of flimsy excuses!).

“A host of flimsy excuses”? Right! You don’t twist stories at all!

No. My World Index was deleted. Ask all the people who posted in my thread. Ask SimGuruHydra who did her best to recover it, but it was still broken beyond use (you’ll notice that only the first page shows, you have to go directly through the URL to access the other pages, which most people don’t know how to do).

It did them little good, indeed one of their number tried to turn traitor on them back in December when they started fighting amongst themselves, but we gave them short shrift (the individual concerned was last heard using their time more productively with another better known Sims 3 website along with their own).

Yeah, uh, you do realise that the person you’re talking about there has a grudge against the whole site, and would love nothing more than to see it’s name dragged through the gutter. He doesn’t even like TMN, as he’s said many times before, he’s just using you to get to us. So he really can’t be trusted with what he says about our site.

Oh look, we’re back to FatLoverPlayer.

Why didn’t I mention his comment on My Sims 3 Blog? Because I saw no need to. The Gravatar Profile was bad enough, and that’s what I was hoping people would report. But I did read the whole comment thread, so they have seen my IP anyway.

Almost there…

Indeed, only in the last three days has Callum9432 started posting again around the Sims world, right after we’d made that private post! There is however one matter we could have been posting about concerning him, if he hadn’t been as clever as he’d thought he was, like happened before to him at Simmering Sims

Really, only the last three days? Because a quick search of my username shows a steady stream of almost daily posts going right back into last year.

*phew* it feels good to finally get a lot of that out into the open

But that’s me for now. I’m done trying to convince you, or anyone else that this wasn’t me. Anyone who knows me, and anyone who considers themselves my friend, will know that this “FatLoverPlayer” account is not the kind of petty thing I would do.

Whatever. TMN will call BS on this anyway, if they even read it. And a lot of people will believe it as well. Baah!

But guess what? FatLoverPlayer commented on my blog, it’s still pending, but you know what that means? I have IP PROOF that I am NOT FatLoverPlayer – more on that in another blog post soon.

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