PROOF that I am NOT the person behind the “FatLoverPlayer” troll account

As I mentioned in my last post which was also on this subject, I now have solid IP proof that I am NOT “FatLoverPlayer”, as TMN accused me off being.

So, you may have noticed and I mentioned it at the end of my last post, that FatLoverPlayer commented on my post about him. Well guess what, when you comment on my blog, I see your IP. Bet TMN didn’t see this one coming!

I’ve blacked out most of the IPs. I’m not going to post the whole IP publicly. But I’ve left enough to show that both IPs are different, and it’s the part that is usually static.

Proof_2FatLoverPlayer’s comment on my blog from within my admin panel. Notice the first part of his IP, 31.

The other bit that is blacked out is an email address

Now let’s take a look at my profile on Simomania, from within my admin panel

Proof_1Note again, the first part of my IP, 80.

There. Solid proof. Something TMN don’t have. I am not the one behind the FatLoverPlayer account.

Hmm… so, will TMN perhaps apologise for publicly accusing me of this? Maybe… when pigs fly! But at least the truth is out now.

Actually, I just noticed, I’ve had a huge spike in views on my blog today… almost enough to beat my record. So, thanks for that Mares!

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