How To: Build a Tomb – On Simomania

So, the “How To’s” are step-by-step picture tutorials that myself and illusie have teamed up to do on Simomania, as the two tutorial writers of the team… and here is my newset tutorial, tomb building.

Welcome to my latest How To 🙂 In this tutorial, I’m going to cover tomb building. The tutorial will cover all the basics – setting traps, creating puzzles, hidden objects, triggers, etc.

For this tutorial, you will need to have the World Adventures Expansion Pack installed. You will also need to enter two cheats. To do this, hold down ctrl and shift, and press C. When the cheat console comes up, type in “testingcheatsenabled true” (without quotations) and hit Enter. Bring up the cheat console again and type “buydebug” (without quotations), then hit Enter again.

Once you’ve entered the buydebug cheat, you’ll get a new menu under buy mode with a question mark icon. The first tab of this new menu gives you all of your tomb objects

The tomb I’m going to make will have 3 levels…

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