Crystal Springs Update – 26/3/13

Another update, this will be the last for a couple months 🙂

Another update, this update is VERY picture heavy… wow, more than 40 pics 😯 😛

I’ve pretty much finished the island and it’s nearly ready for me to start testing, all I have to do is place streetlights, but I had a question on that I thought I might as well just ask now. I’ve been wondering whether it is okay to place streetlights (and similar objects, for example, traffic signs and lights) on the sidewalks by the sides of roads? I did check the routing data, but it’s not too easy to check sonce those sidewalks don’t have their own routing. The red square around the streetlight didn’t take up the whole sidewalk, so I wasn’t sure if it would actually break the sidewalk routing.

Okay, time for the pics:

I’ll start with a couple of things I’ve done around the world – I added some trees where the highways comes in from the back of the world:


I also used some rocks to hide the trees on the distant terrain that were half in the water.


And now that the BP harbour buildings are finally available in CAW, I placed them in the harbour:


Here is a service station I built coming off the highway:







It’s zoned as a Java Hut.

Now onto the island:


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2 Responses to Crystal Springs Update – 26/3/13

  1. Faith12368 says:

    This is looking great Callum! I can’t wait til it is finished! Let me know when you are ready to test it, I am onboard! 🙂

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