Crystal Springs – Small update 5/5/13

Okay, thought it might be nice to have a small update since I have managed to get a little bit done in the world. RL’s been keeping me quite busy, but I have been able to spend… I dunno maybe about 6 hours working on the world late-on over the past 2 weeks. I’m a pretty fast builder though, particularly when it comes to community lots, so I have got a few lots to show tonight… though half of them are rabbit hole lots that take about 10 minutes a piece to put together.

I decided to put together a little “science park” where the hospital and the science facility would be. Click the pics to enlarge, also note that the pics were taken progressively so the area might change a little throughout the pics.

The hospital and science facility



A park in the foreground, a fishing spot in the background

This isn’t really part of the science park, it’s just the spa next to it. Ignore the TL cafe in the background, I eventually decided to move that to a different part of the science park.


A futuristic-themed live show venue…

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