Some random thoughts

Felt like posting something 😛 I haven’t done just a regular blog post in a while too…

Island Paradise comes out next Friday, that’s also my last work day, so looking forward to that. It definitely looks like one of the best EPs yet.

I put a new background up on the blog, it’s a summer shot of Sunset Valley… I meant to put it up weeks ago when summer actually started, but the year has gone by so quickly I never even noticed 😛 It will probably only be there for a few weeks though, until I get one of the new world in IP.


I also started a new modern build out on the water in Starlight Shores for my legacy Sims with the new stilted foundations… I’m not sure at the moment if I’ll upload it, though, I had to place the lot myself so unless who ever downloads it can place a lot on the exact same position there will be issues with the terrain matching.

Here’s a pic anyway:


So… yeah… that’s all 😛

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