Island Paradise

Thought I’d share some pictures from Island Paradise 🙂

I don’t get why some people think this pack feels quite light. Sure, there are less features than some other packs, but each one is a huge, brand new feature, and is a lot more developed than usual. If you want to know what an empty pack feels like, go buy Generations. But to each their own, I guess.

I built a couple of houseboats, I’ll probably upload these soon:

I don’t know at this point if I’ll update Isla Paradiso with all the EP lots, I have something else in the works – more to come on that this week 😉

I made two new Sims, Jay Lumpkin and Laura Letty. Don’t ask about the names, when I can’t think of any, I just hit “randomise” a couple times 😛

I moved them into one of my houseboats… it sailed past a waterfall… although the picture isn’t quite as “spectacular” as I thought it would be 😛
Screenshot-39They started scuba diving – Jay was attacked by a shark at one point and survived, by I don’t seem to have taken any pics…

Screenshot-42 Screenshot-35Screenshot-38

And at night 😛

Screenshot-46They had a private wedding on the roof of their houseboat

Screenshot-43And an unexpected guest dropped by to congratulate them 😛

Screenshot-44A couple of general pics – they seemed to race each other on their aqua sleds a lot 😛

Screenshot-47And the University mascot arrived looking absolutely ridiculous in a speedboat 😛


I also had them buy Hobart’s Hideaway, and “they” have been fixing it up… I did this over several days as though it was taking them a while, I like to do that kind of thing to make the game a little more challenging 😛


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