Introducing a new world (and this time it really is just a side-project! :P )

So last time I started a “side-project”, I was at an all time low for inspiration and motivation with Crystal Springs, which is why it quickly became my main project. I want to start by assuring everyone that will not happen this time, as I still have loads of ideas and motivation for Crystal Springs. This time, it really is a side project 😛

A couple of weeks after they showed us the very first demo of IP, I decided to open up a blank world in CAW and just mess around, try to improve my sculpting and painting skills. I ended up working on a world similar to what we knew about Isla Paradiso at the time (i.e an archipelago with plenty of open water for boats). I spent a couple of weeks working on the terrain as a side-project, then stopped after a while. Then with a combination of finding out that dive lots required a specific depth of water, and the announcement of TS4, I kind of dropped the project, as the water I knew wouldn’t be deep enough, and I didn’t think I would have time between Crystal Springs releasing and TS4.

With my current progress on Crystal Springs, I don’t think release is going to be too far away. I don’t want to say too much just now, but I would estimate an early autumn release of the first beta. That leaves a few months for another world, bearing in mind that if it remained a side-project for the duration of Crystal Springs, it would still have quite a bit of work done on it by the time I was able to make it my main project. So I decided to start the world again, with a decent depth for dive lots, and now I’ve decided to announce it.

There should be a thread up on the officials within the next few days. It will definitely be before the end of the week, but I’ve decided to reveal it here first.

It will be a tropical archipelago like Isla Paradiso, not sure of a name yet, but it will have plenty of diving spots (hopefully more than four), hopefully all the lot types from all EPs (minus possibly the Time Travel EP, don’t know if I’ll buy that, and possibly Supernatural too, I don’t know how well it would fit), plenty of boats and houseboats, and, hopefully, using Nickel23’s mod to activate the hidden island marker, uncharted islands. But the later depends on whether or not the mod is required by people who download the world, if you have to have the mod for the uncharted islands, I won’t use it – the world will be CC free like all my other creations.

It’s not using the IP textures – I’m using the granite textures extracted from the base game by BSIRegina and the Sunlit Tides textures, which I think were extracted by AuntieLynds. At this point I’m not sure if I’ll use the INI files from Sunlit Tides (extracted by SimSample) or the files from Isla Paradiso (extracted by Zerbu), though they are pretty much the same.

I should also note that there may be more Store content in this world, especially the Sun, Surf and Sand sets, and maybe Bayside too. With Crystal Springs, though I’m using some Store content, I am trying to limit it. As this will be my last world before TS4 and it’s kind of more a world “for me”, whereas Crystal Springs has been “for everyone”, I’m not going to limit the Store Content quite as much, especially not the stuff that will complete the tropical feel.

Now on that note, I’ll take a leaf out of EA’s book and leave you with a rather obscure screenshot 😛


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