The missing shell door from many Late Night highrises

Okay, this is something I put together a while ago, but I have just had the thought to actually put this out there for other CAW users and builders who may be having trouble with this.

The highrise shells that came with Late Night all had one of two shell doors, but for unknown reasons, since (as far as I could tell from a quick search) Showtime one of these doors has mysteriously vanished, instead being replaced by a debug object; a strange white cube in the place of the door.

The objects is easily deleted with cheats, and the highrise should function without a door (note I’m saying that from what others have said, I haven’t actually tested it myself, I will update if I hear otherwise), but if you want the door, it can be easily taken from the highrise lots EA provided us in the library with LN.

This method may be old news, but I didn’t find it through a quick Google search, so I thought I’d just go ahead and post anyway 🙂

NOTE: This has been play-tested by me, and Sims were able to route through the door with no issues.

Firstly, getting the missing door from an EA lot. I’ve placed the missing door onto an empty 40×40 lot, which you can download from the Exchange here, or you can follow the steps below.

If you downloaded my lot, skip ahead to step 4
1. Place one of the EA highrise lots from the lot library onto your own, empty lot.
2. Activate the Move Objects cheat (press ctrl + shift + C, then type “moveobjects on” (without quotations) into the cheat box which will appear at the top of your screen), then click on the highrise door and drag it off to the side.
3. Delete any other objects on the lot that you don’t need.

At this point, whether you used my provided lot, or removed the door yourself, you should now have your highrise lot empty, with only the default objects if it’s a residential lot (mailbox and trashcan), plus the highrise door.

Now you can add the door to your desired highrise.

4. Place your desired highrise from buydebug.

5. With Testing Cheats enabled, ctrl + shift + left click on the white cube in the highrise, and choose “Delete It”

6. Activate the Move Objects cheat, and grab the highrise door.

7. Place the door into the gap in the highrise, where the white box was before. The door should automatically snap to the right position and direction when hovered over the correct placement.

8. Continue to build your highrise as normal 🙂

And that’s it, the missing highrise door recovered and placed, quick and easy 🙂

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