Crystal Springs – Update 15/10/13 + A Question

Completely forgot to post this here…

The question is at the end of the post, but I’ll post it again here, since that part of the post isn’t actually quoted here. The update itself can be found below 🙂

I have a couple of apartments lots.




The problem is, I’m not sure whether to build these as Late Night apartments or as University Life apartments. Both have pros and cons. I had originally planned to make all highrise shells LN style apartments and all hand-built ones UL style apartments, but that’s not going to work now for all lots for a variety of reasons… so I need help deciding which style to make these apartments in.

University Life apartments


– More like an apartment


– Require quite a bit of setup from the player.

Late Night apartments


– Easier and faster to build

– Provide a place to house the important service NPCs without taking up other lots


– Not really proper apartments

All opinions on this question would be greatly appreciated 🙂

And the update…

Well, my PC has been back for more than a week now, which means it’s been more than three since I last updated… I think it’s time for a big one 😛 I also have a question to ask, I’ve put that at the end.

I’ve moved on to the “inner city” area. The area is split in two by the highway which runs through the middle. One one side is the “old” area, which is kind of a glimpse into what the city would once have looked like, before highrise started to take over. The other side (the river side) is the “new” side. It’s an area that has been regenerated and modernised.

So far I haven’t done much in the new side, just built the ST big park venue with a small cafe, along with a supermarket.


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