Tropical WIP “Re-imagined”: The Florida Keys

First thing’s first (I never really thought about how stupid that saying is until it was mentioned in one of the Dexter books; if first things weren’t first they wouldn’t be first things  ) – I said on my My Page on the officials that I plan to post updates on both Crystal Springs and the tropical world I talked about last year within the next two weeks (this week and next). The CS update will probably be next week, but I posted the tropical world update last night, so, as usual, here it is:

Okay, it’s been a while since I posted an update on this world, between real life and some other CAW projects, I didn’t have the time for any major work until recently.

During this time, Roaring Heights was released. RH is clearly Florida based, and I originally announced this world only the week before I went to Florida myself. This all got me thinking about making my own Florida based world, and I started messing about with making a mainland Florida based world, but I ended up not being very happy with it. Being perfectly honest, I actually started to lose a little interest in this world too, and I began to consider changing it up a little, rather than just making another Isla Paradiso. Eventually I came to the decision to combine the two, IP and RH, into a Florida Keys based world.



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