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Normally, when I’d make a post like this, I’d go through an entire Mare’s Nest post that had me bothered and address everything. I’m not going to do that this time. I’m done with that, ever since the FLP nonsense over a year ago now. Though there was always that little voice whispering in the back of my head, it wasn’t until that time last year, that, thanks to some close friends, I really listened to the voice, and decided not to bother addressing TMN like that any more. Those who know me know the truth. For those who don’t, I said my piece, the evidence was all there, on a public blog that can be accessed easily from every one of my posts on the official forums. If people choose to believe TMN regardless, so be it, they’re not worth my time.

This post isn’t going to be like that. I’m not going to address TMN directly or anything like that. In fact, I’m not even going to mention most of TMN’s post that I’m referring to with this, I’m purely addressing one tiny “aside” that wasn’t even important to the post as a whole. The reason for that is what I said in the opening paragraph; I’m done with addressing TMN posts the way I have in the past.

This post is about The World Index. I’ve mentioned it before, in passing, but I feel now that I want to devote a post to it alone, so that it can’t be missed, skipped, ignored, etc, intentionally or otherwise.

Back in 2012, I took over the running of The World Index on the official forums from Rflong7. After the nonsense of the summer, I went to update it on a Friday as usual, only to find that, for reasons I still, to this day, do not know (though I have my suspicions – more on that later), it had been deleted, most likely by the Customer Support moderators.

TMN like to make it out that I “abandoned” The World Index. Just another way of making me out to be this evil (in their own words), attention seeking troll, whose master plan for world domination begins with fooling those on the official forums of The Sims 3 into viewing me as some kind of saviour.

The thing is, not only is this a blatant lie, a claim, you will notice, that they have never provided any evidence of, but I can actually prove quite the contrary – that The World Index was deleted and I personally passed it on – and, by extension, that TMN are talking out of their collective a**e.

With this post, I’m going to post the entire story with proof; the truth, of what really happened, for everyone to see. So, without dragging this on any further than it needs to be, here goes…

First off, after The World Index was deleted, I posted the following thread regarding it. The post has since been updated with a notice that The World Index is back, however, you can see the original title from the posts below:


Someone reported the World Index?

As you can probably tell from that title, I suspected that the World Index had been the victim of malicious reporting. I knew it had been deleted by Customer Support; the thread itself was still there, but all the posts were gone. That’s what happens when CS clear the posts from a thread, and it’s most likely an automated process brought about by reports of the posts. The timing seemed pretty convenient to me, given that it was immediately after the WaffenThinMint reveal. Why else would someone report a thread like the WI?

Yes, perhaps I was just being paranoid, given what had just happened, but I’ll let you draw your own conclusions on that.

It’s also worth noting from that thread that, contrary to what TMN claim, backups were being kept by other CAW users because of the drama years ago when the front pages of all the forums were deleted.


For the most part, I’m going to ignore the little bit of drama that happened on that thread – it’s done and dusted. It was pointed out that perhaps the reason the WI was deleted was that my signature mentioned the whole WTM drama at the time, but I did not realise my signature was actually active in the WI; I thought I had disabled it. If that was the reason, I will, again, apologise here and now.

But we’re not here to talk about the reason it was deleted, just the fact that it was deleted and not abandoned.

Moving on. Here, you will find my original World Index, and you can see that it really is, well and truly, borked. The front page shows up fine, and the pages after are available via direct URL, but they do not show up with page buttons.

23 4 5

Note the changing URLs at the top and the lack of page buttons in the usual place.

Now, if my word isn’t credible enough, how about a SimGuru? SimGuruHydra attempted to reinstate the thread, but, as I demonstrated above, it was unfixable, so I created a new one, using a backup provided to me by PhantomFlex, which SGHydra then re-stickied for us.

On my new World Index.


Now, shortly after the WI was recreated and re-stickied, the same thing happened all over again; it was deleted, in the same way.

You can see that from this post:


At this point, I decided enough was enough. Clearly this was going to keep happening, and if it was because of me and TMN, it wasn’t fair on the rest of the CAW community. So, as you can see, I began looking for someone to take over the running of The World Index.

As the previous “World Keeper”, Rflong7 stepped up and took over temporarily until someone volunteered. Eventually, the current World Keeper, MrCrumplebottom1, volunteered, and Rflong handed the thread over to him.


Take a look through the thread if you wish to see the rest.

I also posted a little explanation of what was going on:


My new WI later reappeared, but I had already handed it over to MrCrumplebottom.


So, there you have it. What really happened, with an abundance of proof… proof, something TMN have not provided once to back up their claims that I “abandoned” The World Index.

I’m going to link, now, to the post that got me to post this. My reason being that it will send a pingback to TMN, alerting them of this post. I expect they’ll probably ignore it. Maybe they’ll try to disprove it. I wish them luck if they do. I’ve said my piece. I know they won’t admit that they were wrong; it takes a big person to admit when they are wrong, certainly not the kind of person who hides behind an anonymous blog. But it, at least, means that they know of this post’s existence.

To finish, while I’m discussing the World Index, I’ll take the time to plug MrCrumplebottom‘s WI – it really is a useful thread, and he’s spent a lot of time improving the look of it.

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