Crystal Springs – Update 5/5/14

As I promised on the officials, the update I posted last night:

Well, for two weeks, I’ve had delays, setbacks and interruptions, but I’ve finally got the next update ready 😛 Crystal Springs is inching closer to completion every day, I now have just under 30 lots to build/complete (I counted a few lots that are built but so far undecorated as half).

I have a huge update now, to make up for the long silence… 34 pictures this time, of 6 different lots.

Firstly, this is an apartment I actually built a while ago, but it had a bug that I had to fix, so I never posted it. The bug is fixed now, it turned out to be a lot easier to fix than I was expecting, so I can post it now. There are too many apartments in it for only 8 Sims, so I set it as an LN style apartment with only one playable apartment in it, but there are a variety of LN and UL apatments in the world.



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