About Me

Well, I started playing the Sims with TS2. I moved to the PC version from the PS2 about a year into it after I realised how much better it was. The only Sims games I’d really played before then were SimCity 3000 UK, then SimCity 4 Deluxe… I never bothered with Societies, SC4 was definitely the best of the series, pity it doesn’t work anymore on my new PC… though I only tried it a couple of times when I was reinstalling everything.

I moved to TS3 not long after it came out, I still played TS2 as well as TS3 about the same, but gradually played TS2 less and less as EPs for TS3 were released and it started to feel more and more complete. I have every EP and plan to get all in the future, and I have all SPs except KPST and Diesel, Diesel I may get if it’s on sale really cheap somewhere, KPST I might not even get if it was free 😛

I don’t like forced social features in the Sims, and it’s something I’ll be looking out for with TS4 before I buy it. However, I have no problem with them being there if they are 100% optional.

I mostly lurk on the official forums, certain people, who, let’s say “like to gossip” have made it more of a hassle to post than something fun… though new EPs to tend to get me posting more when they are announced, and I do post regularly on My Page.

I spend most of my time online at Simomania – it’s a fun site, no trolls, no unpleasantness, no gossip. Just fun, Sims and contests:


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