The missing shell door from many Late Night highrises

Okay, this is something I put together a while ago, but I have just had the thought to actually put this out there for other CAW users and builders who may be having trouble with this.

The highrise shells that came with Late Night all had one of two shell doors, but for unknown reasons, since (as far as I could tell from a quick search) Showtime one of these doors has mysteriously vanished, instead being replaced by a debug object; a strange white cube in the place of the door.

The objects is easily deleted with cheats, and the highrise should function without a door (note I’m saying that from what others have said, I haven’t actually tested it myself, I will update if I hear otherwise), but if you want the door, it can be easily taken from the highrise lots EA provided us in the library with LN.

This method may be old news, but I didn’t find it through a quick Google search, so I thought I’d just go ahead and post anyway 🙂

NOTE: This has been play-tested by me, and Sims were able to route through the door with no issues.

Firstly, getting the missing door from an EA lot. I’ve placed the missing door onto an empty 40×40 lot, which you can download from the Exchange here, or you can follow the steps below.

If you downloaded my lot, skip ahead to step 4
1. Place one of the EA highrise lots from the lot library onto your own, empty lot.
2. Activate the Move Objects cheat (press ctrl + shift + C, then type “moveobjects on” (without quotations) into the cheat box which will appear at the top of your screen), then click on the highrise door and drag it off to the side.
3. Delete any other objects on the lot that you don’t need.

At this point, whether you used my provided lot, or removed the door yourself, you should now have your highrise lot empty, with only the default objects if it’s a residential lot (mailbox and trashcan), plus the highrise door.

Now you can add the door to your desired highrise.

4. Place your desired highrise from buydebug.

5. With Testing Cheats enabled, ctrl + shift + left click on the white cube in the highrise, and choose “Delete It”

6. Activate the Move Objects cheat, and grab the highrise door.

7. Place the door into the gap in the highrise, where the white box was before. The door should automatically snap to the right position and direction when hovered over the correct placement.

8. Continue to build your highrise as normal 🙂

And that’s it, the missing highrise door recovered and placed, quick and easy 🙂

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(unnamed) Tropical World – Update 31/8/13

Just noticed today’s date (in the UK) is a palindrome 😛

Anyway, I spent some time working on this earlier in the week, and I’ve completed the basic sculpting and painting.

There may still be more to be changed, but the basics are done.

Ignore the little rocks on the islands in these pics, except for those on the waterfalls. The ones on the waterfalls are there to stay; the rest are just temporary markers to do with my layering system 🙂

Here’s a couple of overview pics (click to see full size):

World12WMRead More

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Crystal Springs Update – 9/8/13

Okay, so it’s been more than a month since I last updated… I think a big update is in order 😛

Random observation – I always seem to come to the CAW forum before opening this thread, even though I open it from my bookmarks which are exactly the same no matter what forum I open them from 😛

Here’s some stuff I did the week of my last update.

Here’s some low-rise high-rises 😛


Read More

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Pi Island Version 2 – Updated with Seasons, UL, IP and The Store

Wow, posting this here completely escaped my mind 😛

Okay, well I said a while ago that I was planning on updating the park in Pi Island as a seasonal festival, but after I lost all of CAW data, I pretty much scrapped that plan. But the other day I decided to get PI back into CAW with S3PE and update it to IP, plus some more Store stuff

So, after spending more than double the time I was expecting to updating it, because I encountered a pretty horrible graphics glitch, which a quick Google search told me was a common problem in worlds imported into CAW with S3PE, and resulted in me having to eventually go to my last resort fix, removing and replacing all (approximately 20) of the affected lots, here is the updated version.

I also am thinking about releasing a populated save file for Version 2 at some point in the near future.


The tech bit (items in bold are new additions with this update):




HELS/FL/OLS/TL/MS/70s, 80s & 90s

Store Content*:

Souped Up Napkin Holder

Hot Rod Table

Home Economics Table

Classy Chassis Dining Chair

Vertical Challenge Rock Wall

Classic Gumball Machine

Soothsayer’s Crystal Ball

Sizzle Baby Pro Deep Fryer

Frost-Bite Pro Ice Cream Machine

Heliosolaris III

It’s Business Time Industrial Oven

Professional Series Commercial Sink

Professional Series Executive Chef’s Refrigerator

Buzzer Beater Free Throw Machine

Professional Series Kitchen Counter

Aims Co. Choc-O-Fall Fountain

Turn the Tables

*Store Content recommended but not required

** If you do not have any of the Store Content that is in italics, I recommend opening up “McLlama’s Fast Food Restaurant” in Edit Town and redecorating it.

Some lots, particularly rabbitholes, are on unusual lot sizes. The grey houses along the promenade are all on 15×15 lots which are square but unavailable in game. I had to do this because of a lack of space.

When you first start a new save in the world, you will see a bunch of fog in certain areas. This is an issue with CAW and the fog emitters and not the world. To see the correct effects, you have to save and reload that save. You should only have to do this the first time 🙂

Showtime careers and Late Night bands may not function correctly in this world, however, all Ambitions lots have been placed.

ALL Base Game spawners included!

The world is on a small map, and is 21.75MB, according to the launcher

You do not need to uninstall Version 1 of Pi Island to install Version 2.

Updated in this version:

McLlama’s has been updated with the new bistro items from the store, to function as a proper restaurant
The Three Seasons hotel has been changed from a Base Camp to a resort, and has been updated with the bistro items from the Store to function as a proper restaurant
– The resort tower can be found in the newly added basement
The Boardwalk has been updated with some new items, including the bistro items from the Store
The park has been updated to a seasonal festival lot
– Note that the fountain had to be severely trimmed for this
The beach has been updated with two boats plus a third, empty mooring post
A new pier has been added to The Marina with a houseboat gangway
– The water on the lot had to be slightly deepened for this
Bella’s Belles Townhomes have been updated to University Life apartments and all 4 houses are now playable.
The pool now has a diving board
The graveyard has been updated with the mausoleum from Isla Paradiso

Fixed in this version:
Various lot description typos

Download links:

The Exchange



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Modern Masterpiece

If you’re on my friends list on the officials you may have seen me mention this, and my struggle to name it 😛 I went with “Modern Masterpiece” because it’s one of my few modern builds that I’m actually happy with 😛


5BR, 6.5BA – A large, open plan, modern mansion including a sitting room with super-sized TV, a home theatre, rec room, gym and a large garden and pool. Perfect for large families of Sims ~ By Callum9432. NO third party CC. Store content recommended but not required. Best fit on “15 Dolphin Lane” in Isla Paradiso.
MM2 MM3 MM4 MM5 MM6 MM7 MM8Download

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Thread posted for my tropical WIP

Okay, I’ve put up the thread for my tropical world that I announced on Wednesday.

Okay, so I announced this on my blog on Wednesday, I meant to have a thread up by yesterday, but it got delayed.

This is a little side project I started working on a while ago – unlike the last “side project”, this one really is just a side project 😛 For that reason, though I will try to keep this updated, don’t expect to hear too much about it until Crystal Springs is finished, and definitely not as much as Crystal Springs just now. I just wanted to get this one out there early 🙂

The original announcement can be read here.

The world is a tropical archipelago…

Read More

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Crystal Springs Update – 3/7/13

Just a small update…

Okay, this isn’t really much of an update, but it’s the last chance I’ll get to do one for several weeks and I didn’t want to leave this any longer without one.

But first, a little bit that’s not on the subject of this world; if you follow my blog, or have just been to my blog in the last 45 minutes or so, you’ll see that I announced a new world. The whole thing is explained there, this time it really is just a side project etc, but I thought I’d post about it here too in case you’re following this world but haven’t seen my blog post, so you don’t think Crystal Springs has been abandoned or anything when you see me post a new thread for the new world within the next few days.
Read all about that here:

Back to Crystal Springs. I haven’t really worked on this much since the IP patch, so all I have are two pics and the newest thumbnail.
I completed the road to the two mansions on the hill, and the estate that the older one is in:



And the newest thumbnail:

Thumbnail 3-7-13 256x256

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